• Interview with Evil Geniuses Gamer - Pobelter

    Our #BenQGirl interviews Professional Gamer Pobelter (of Evil Geniuses) on how he got his start in gaming. He also takes time to discuss the newly released BenQ gaming monitor, the RL2460HT on why the features are crucial to being successful in the gaming community.

  • BL2710 CAD/CAM Monitor Demo Video

    BenQ's BL2710PT, the first WQHD monitor tailored for CAD/CAM, is the ultimate solution carefully designed to meet the demands of every professional working with visually intense digital design, 3D or other high image quality software applications.

  • Pro Gaming Tips with Grubby

    "Find the equipment best for me, looks the best that somehow makes me more comfortable, more able to play it to a better shape even it’s for one percent” said Grubby.


  • XL2720T, The Ultimate Domination

    XL2720T, The Ultimate Domination

    The XL2720T is a high-performance gaming monitor suited for FPS game play. Co-designed with Counter-Strike legends, the 120Hz, 27”W, 3D-ready LED monitor gives gamers a competitive edge with features like the Black eQualizer, S Switch, FPS Mode,Display Mode, Smart Scaling, 1ms GTG, and 12M:1 DCR.

  • W1080ST, Big Enjoyment for Small Spaces

    W1080ST, Big Enjoyment for Small Spaces

    Enjoy a 1080p Full-HD home theater experience even in a smaller room with the short throw W1080ST. Enjoy vibrant video with a 10,000:1 High Contrast Ratio and the brightness of a 2000 lumen brightness.

  • PH460, As Close as It Gets

    PH460, As Close as It Gets

    The unbelievably thin bezel on BenQ high brightness PH460 makes the viewing experience unbeatable. Virtually invisible at a distance, the ultra-narrow 5.4mm distance from a bezel edge to the adjacent one in addition to the 10x10 array capability is perfect for seamless video walls.


  • BenQ’s All-New Pro AV Projector Series Now Available

    COSTA MESA, Calif. — Nov. 20, 2014 — BenQ America Corp.,an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions and the No. 1-selling DLP® projector brand in the Americas(1), today announced that it is now shipping its latest line of dual-lamp, high brightness professional projectors. Available through the company’s Integrators’ Choice Program, the Colorific™ PX9710, PW9620, and PU9730 are designed to satisfy high brightness requirements in settings such as command and control rooms, houses of worship, and conference room environments. Combining up to 7,700 ANSI lumens with flexible installation options, the P-Series displays provide integrators with the ability to cast high quality content easily within any ambient lighting or large venue setting. The new BenQ PX9710, PW9620, and PU9730 provide 7,700, 7,000, and 6,700 ANSI lumens of brilliant light, while combining XGA (1024x768), WXGA (1280x800), and WUXGA (1920x1200) resolutions, respectively. At a 2,800:1 contrast ratio, the Colorific line allows integrators to provide customers with projection capabilities of over 1 billion true-to-life colors — letting large-venue viewers experience vivid content the way it was intended to be seen. Featuring up to seven different colors, the devices deliver consistent picture quality over time since DLP displays do not experience light burn or color degradation after extended usage — enabling corporate clients, educators, and houses of worship to lower their total cost of ownership (TCO). To increase setup convenience for installers, the P-Series models are equipped with two interchangeable color wheels (RGBYCW and RGBYCM) that allow users to fit their specific needs for enhanced brightness or color accuracy. For added flexibility and to fit a variety of installation requirements, seven optional interchangeable lenses are offered ranging from wide fix to long zoom sizes. In addition, the projectors offer 360-degree horizontal projection, motorized zoom, focus and lens shifting, and intuitive calibration for tremendous flexibility in placing the projector practically anywhere in the room. As a result, the projectors deliver consistently proportioned images to simplify the relocation and reconstruction of mounting locations through remote-controlled adjustments — allowing easier omnidirectional modifications to projection targets. The units’ built-in test patterns, integrated filtration system, LED indicators, and multi-projector management via LAN further simplify the installation process. A complete content hub, the projectors provide connectivity convenience via front and rear IR receiver points, HDMI®, DisplayPort, USB, RS-232, and HDBaseT connectivity which transmits audio and video over a single cable across distances up to 328 feet. Taking the setup simplicity even further, the projectors provide installers with a lens-memory option for instant storage of up to 10 different settings, a center-lens hotkey to centralize the units’lenses, and mechanical shutter capabilities that turn today’s fast-moving images into more fluid content. Managers can also conveniently change the units’color wheels and 350W dual lamps from a top access door while the series’ optimized 10-fan cooling system ensures that the high brightness projectors always run at optimum temperatures."Our latest P-Series projectors are BenQ’s answer to integrators requesting brightness and image quality capabilities that match today’s large venue requirements,” said Kristin Kennedy, Vice President of Sales at BenQ America Corp. “Available exclusively through our Integrators’ Choice Program, our three newest professional displays underline our commitment to provide channel partners with exclusive benefits and a wide range of incentives that are backed by limited distribution in order to secure profit margins.”BenQ’s P-Series projectors are now shipping in North America. More information on the full line of BenQ products is available at
  • BenQ Introduces Market’s First TI DLP® Projector With True-to-Life sRGB Color Accuracy

    COSTA MESA, Calif. — Nov. 13, 2014 — BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions and the No. 1-selling projector brand powered by TI DLP® technology in The Americas(1), today introduced the newest addition to its stunning, high-brightness Colorific™ professional and home theater projector lineup: the HC1200. BenQ’s new HC1200 is purpose-built to follow the sRGB (standard Red, Green, Blue) industry color standard — a well-known and widely used guideline for color accuracy in smartphones, monitors, cameras and printers, and throughout the Internet.“We are excited to see BenQ continue to improve image quality with DLP technology to deliver an affordable, 100-percent sRGB color-accurate projector,”said Dave Duncan, Business Manager, DLP Enterprise and Cinema Display Products.The sRGB standard ensures the delivery of accurate color reproduction. By delivering 100-percent sRGB color accuracy, BenQ’s new HC1200 provides improved out-of-the-box color precision over other top-selling projectors. The HC1200 combines precise sRGB color accuracy with up to twice as much ANSI contrast than typical LCD projectors — reproducing images that look as bright as top-selling 4,000 lumen projectors — and offering incredible color fidelity and consistency. This stunning, crisp contrast accentuates finer details for greater clarity, allowing visuals projected from the HC1200 to virtually jump off the screen. Like all BenQ projectors, the HC1200 will also continue to display accurate colors for years to come without the risk of fading, ghosting, or yellowing.To facilitate installations, the HC1200 projector offers 1.5x zoom capabilities, 2D keystone correction, and an embedded test pattern for more precise calibrations during setups. For increased versatility, the HC1200 also provides integrators with the convenience of both RJ45 (LAN) and RS232 networking standards. The unit comes equipped with a variety of connectivity options such as dual HDMI, USB, and dual D-sub computer connections, which enable inputs to several sources and devices for the ultimate in multimedia convergence. In addition, the projector incorporates mini-jack audio in/out, RCA audio in, S-Video, and composite video input for use with laptops in business presentation settings.“The HC1200 was specially designed to deliver superior Colorific image quality and far better ANSI contrast than any other projector in its class,” saidBob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. “Perfect for conference rooms and home theaters, this projector was preferred 7 to 1 in a recent test where people found the HC1200 sRGB colors more accurate than top-selling 4,000 lumen projector models.”The HC1200 projector is now shipping in North America at an MSRP of $1,399. More information on the full line of BenQ products is available at
  • BenQ Now Shipping Market’s First Hybrid Gaming Monitor

    COSTA MESA, Calif. — Nov. 10, 2014 — BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions and a gaming monitor pioneer, today announced the availability of its revolutionary XL2420G monitor. Featuring NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology, the newest force in gaming allows players to entirely eliminate performance issues related to image tearing, stuttering, and latency — providing gamers with the ultimate in smooth, fast-action play. Unlike any other G-SYNC monitor, the XL2420G gives users the freedom to switch between BenQ’s proprietary Classic Mode and G-SYNC Mode to create a customizable solution that’s made to conquer opponents in any gaming situation.“Giving players the ability to select between gameplay modes offers stomization advantages that are currently unequaled in the marketplace,” said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development for BenQ America Corp. “When paired with BenQ’s RevolutionEyes technology, the XL2420G provides a hybrid experience which is both blazingly fast and incredibly comfortable. With the launch of this long-awaited innovation, BenQ is proud to be behind one of the most significant advancements in the history of competitive gaming technology.” Equipped with an innovative hybrid engine, BenQ’s XL2420G is the new apex of virtual gaming. Featuring a wide 24-inch screen, amazingly fast 1ms GTG response time, and crisp LED display, the advanced monitor allows users to select between two new gaming modes: G-SYNC Mode, which ensures that images appear instantly the moment they are rendered, and BenQ’s proprietary Classic Mode for added versatility during gaming settings unsupported by G-SYNC. Users simply switch their input cables to match their gaming requirements — elevating gameplay to an entirely new level. To increase visual comfort, the XL2420G features BenQ’s RevolutionEyes™ technology. Using ZeroFlicker™ capabilities, the monitor eliminates traditional LED flicker issues and supports eSports enthusiasts in longer gaming sessions by providing more comfort during competitive action. The RevolutionEyes monitor also features BenQ’s Black eQualizer, which enables total gaming visibility by allowing players to adjust brightness without over-exposing white levels, revealing critical combat details with improved visibility in darkened areas. In addition, the monitor brings an ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate for faster pixel rates to give players complete control over any gaming experience. For even more gaming comfort, BenQ’s latest innovation is equipped with Low Blue Light technology. Designed to manage the exposure of blue spectrum light, the monitor helps to protect players’ eyes during extended periods by providing several adjustable low blue light levels that automatically adjust emission without affecting picture quality. For setup flexibility, the monitors are fully height-adjustable and feature an intuitive on-screen user interface and controller, allowing gamers to save and quickly access their gaming preferences. Now shipping, the XL2420G retails at $649. More information on the full line of BenQ products is available at