• Interview with Evil Geniuses Gamer - Pobelter

    Our #BenQGirl interviews Professional Gamer Pobelter (of Evil Geniuses) on how he got his start in gaming. He also takes time to discuss the newly released BenQ gaming monitor, the RL2460HT on why the features are crucial to being successful in the gaming community.

  • BL2710 CAD/CAM Monitor Demo Video

    BenQ's BL2710PT, the first WQHD monitor tailored for CAD/CAM, is the ultimate solution carefully designed to meet the demands of every professional working with visually intense digital design, 3D or other high image quality software applications.

  • Pro Gaming Tips with Grubby

    "Find the equipment best for me, looks the best that somehow makes me more comfortable, more able to play it to a better shape even it’s for one percent” said Grubby.


  • XL2720T, The Ultimate Domination

    XL2720T, The Ultimate Domination

    The XL2720T is a high-performance gaming monitor suited for FPS game play. Co-designed with Counter-Strike legends, the 120Hz, 27”W, 3D-ready LED monitor gives gamers a competitive edge with features like the Black eQualizer, S Switch, FPS Mode,Display Mode, Smart Scaling, 1ms GTG, and 12M:1 DCR.

  • W1080ST, Big Enjoyment for Small Spaces

    W1080ST, Big Enjoyment for Small Spaces

    Enjoy a 1080p Full-HD home theater experience even in a smaller room with the short throw W1080ST. Enjoy vibrant video with a 10,000:1 High Contrast Ratio and the brightness of a 2000 lumen brightness.

  • PH460, As Close as It Gets

    PH460, As Close as It Gets

    The unbelievably thin bezel on BenQ high brightness PH460 makes the viewing experience unbeatable. Virtually invisible at a distance, the ultra-narrow 5.4mm distance from a bezel edge to the adjacent one in addition to the 10x10 array capability is perfect for seamless video walls.


  • BenQ’s Stylish EW2440L Monitor Goes Gold

    COSTA MESA, Calif. — March 24, 2015 — BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions, today introduced its newly minted gold version of the popular EW2440L monitor. Loaded with features that take mobile content to the screen, the vertical alignment display boasts mobile high-definition link (MHL®) technology, BenQ’s “Cinema Mode,” and razor-sharp 3000:1 contrast ratios that allow gaming, media streaming, and other external entertainment sources to be easily viewed on the full HD 24-inch screen (1920x1080). Equipped with BenQ’s signature RevolutionEyes™ technology, the display eliminates traditional LED flicker issues and reduces harmful blue light, enabling seamless viewing sessions and increased user comfort. “The EW2440L is one of BenQ’s standouts in overall design and concept,” said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. “With options aimed at optimizing picture quality and an attractive gold casing that complements the latest iPhones and MacBooks, consumers can bring cloud-based entertainment right into their home or office via this sleek, feature-rich display.” With its new gold casing and stylish edge-to-edge slim bezel design, the EW2440L complements today’s elegant home and office environments. The monitor enables easy notebook PC, cable, console gaming, or smart device connections using HDMI® and MHL technology, allowing users to transfer small-screen content directly to the full HD display from any portable device. With its true-black color and a cinema-class video processor for stunning image quality, the EW2440L is purpose-built to provide today’s cloud-based content consumers with simple, forward-thinking features that take picture quality to a whole new level. In “Cinema Mode,” the EW2440L heightens the movie experience via BenQ’s exclusive color engine technology, which dynamically adapts to specific video content and automatically brightens dark scenes without overexposing color levels, thus preserving vital picture details. With BenQ’s “Super Resolution,” the display also simulates high-resolution images in lower-quality video by increasing pixel density — creating an amazing viewing experience regardless of the source. To further enhance online content viewing, the devices’ “Smart Focus” feature highlights selected video windows or screen areas to reduce distractions from other locations on the display. To enable a more comfortable viewing experience, the EW2440L comes equipped with BenQ’s RevolutionEyes technology. Since backlight controllers in regular monitors can cause rapid flickering at a rate of 200Hz per second when brightness is reduced from its maximum level, user comfort can be compromised in applications where longer viewing sessions are required. Designed to counter this effect, BenQ’s ZeroFlicker™ technology eliminates traditional LED flicker issues using a direct LED-backlight system that enables users to experience improved visual comfort and reduced eye fatigue. Users can also easily lower the device’s blue light output to further boost viewer comfort simply by using the device’s hotkeys. For audio only situations, the EW2440L features a “Speaker Only” mode, which allows users to connect their players directly to the monitors’ speakers without powering on the screen, resulting in a complete audio immersion experience while consuming less power. In line with the series’ attractive design and feature-rich functionality, the monitor sports touch onscreen display and hotkeys, enabling users to switch between settings easily and fully customize their experience. Available now in stylish gold, the EW2440L retails for $269. More information on the full line of BenQ products is available at
  • BenQ Streamlines Professional Installations WithNew SU917 Projector

    COSTA MESA, Calif. — March 12, 2015 — BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned digital lifestyle solutions provider, today introduced its new SU917 Colorific™ projector. Created to streamline the setup process for large venues, the 5,000 lumen device couples incredibly high brightness with easy calibration tools such as a 1.5x zoom lens, vertical lens shift, corner fit correction, and a remote control hot key for an even quicker installation process. Extremely simple to operate, the WUXGA projector offers flexible connectivity options including dual HDMI® — one equipped with Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL®) — to allow presenters to send content easily from mobile phones and tablets directly to the big screen. “Our SU917 projector makes BenQ’s innovative installation tools available to large projection applications,” said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. “Equipped with time-saving setup features, the device’s unique value proposition allows users to speed-up the calibration process while shining content at astoundingly high brightness levels. When adding-in MHL, wireless display capabilities, and our SmartEco technology, the SU917 lets professional presentations shine with flying colors without impacting operation costs, ease-of-use, or all-inclusive connectivity.” Featuring 5,000 lumens of brightness, high 7000:1 contrast ratio, and crystal-clear WUXGA resolution, BenQ’s all-new SU917 projector equips presenters with content-display capabilities that make images fly off the screen, even in rooms with ambient light. Incredibly easy to set up, the device’s 1.5x big zoom lens provides a wider throw distance range while vertical lens shift capabilities — 120 percent to 145 percent — reduce the need to make frequent adjustments to the projector’s placement. To further facilitate installations, the projector’s 2D keystone (+/- 30) lets users easily align images while corner fit allows installers to adjust the four corners of any projection manually by setting both horizontal and vertical values. For ultra-quick installations, a hotkey directly on the remote walks users through a seamless setup process. Equipped with MHL technology, the SU917 enables streaming and mirroring capabilities for users’ handheld devices, allowing presenters or participants to transfer small-screen content to the big screen directly from any portable unit. For added flexibility, the projector features Wireless Display for cable-free connections to content sources. When paired with BenQ’s QPresenter Pro app, users can transfer files from both iPhone® and iPad ® devices to create an all-encompassing BYOD experience. For IT managers, facility-wide maintenance is made simple with LAN control, enabling easy remote monitoring and control directly from an administrator's workstation. With LAN display, audio and video signals are carried to the projector via a single LAN cable. The projector provides support for AMX ®, Crestron®, and PJLink® systems, making system interoperability even more efficient. Featuring BenQ’s energy-saving SmartEco™ technology, the SU917 automatically adjusts lamp power by up to 70 percent in order to apply just the right level of brightness. To further increase power savings, an “Eco Blank” mode allows presenters to blank out the screen whenever a source isn’t detected for more than three minutes. For quick rebooting whenever the projector is accidentally switched off, an Instant Restart feature lets users immediately reactivate the SU917 during 90 seconds where power is maintained at 30 percent. BenQ’s SU917 projector is now shipping. More information on the full line of BenQ products is available at
  • BenQ Supports Vendor Partners at PAX East 2015

    COSTA MESA, Calif. — March 5, 2015 — BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions and gaming monitor pioneer, today announced it is supporting a number of vendor partners at PAX East 2015 by supplying its professional RL and XL professional gaming monitors to tournament exhibitors. The sold-out gaming event is being held in Boston, Massachusetts, from March 6-8. The annual convention attracts more than 60,000 attendees and brings together vendors, gaming pros, developers, and enthusiasts from all over the world to experience the latest in video game technology. “PAX East continues to establish itself as one of the leading gaming events in the country,” said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. “As an eSports supporter, we’re excited to team up with a number of exhibiting partners to showcase our latest RevolutionEyes professional gaming monitors, which have been designed exclusively to enhance gameplay.” BenQ is pleased to support the following exhibitors at PAX East 2015: GIGABYTE Booth 2080: Visitors to the GIGABYTE booth will have an opportunity to check out the latest from the leading provider of motherboards and graphics cards. While there, gamers will experience BenQ’s XL2720Z and XL2430T displays, plus a lucky winner will have a chance to take home an RL2460HT monitor. DXRacer USA Booth 8200 : Gamers will have access to the company’s high-quality gaming seats and play on BenQ’s XL2420G G-Sync and XL2420Z fast-action professional displays. Enermax Booth 11036: The company’s world-renowned PC power supplies and peripherals take center stage, while visitors will enjoy gameplay on BenQ’s XL2420Z monitor. Step 1: Games Booth 10193: Game developer will showcase Perennial, a 2D platforming game via the BenQ XL2430T gaming monitor. Electronic Sports League (ESL): ESL, the world’s largest e-sports organizer and producer, is hosting three e-sports tournaments at the dedicated ESL Arena, where both professional gamers and YouTube personalities will compete for first place in their respective tournaments. BenQ is providing its XL2720T and RL2455HM displays for the Halo Championship Series: Season 1 Finals, which is the culmination of the first 2015 Halo championship. Players will battle it out in a best of five double elimination tournament for a chance to grab the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize pool. The Halo finals are set to go live at 10 a.m. EST during PAX and may be watched at BenQ displays are optimized specifically for real-time strategy (RTS) and first-person shooter (FPS) games – the perfect complement for PC (XL Series) and console (RL Series) gaming. BenQ’s professional monitors bring ultra-fast refresh rates and quick 1-ms GTG response times for faster pixel rates to give players complete control over their gaming experience. The entire BenQ professional gaming monitor line features RevolutionEyes™ technology for exceptional performance with striking visual clarity, seamless motion fluidity, and added viewing comfort for prolonged hours of competitive play. With the displays’ ZeroFlicker™ technology, gamers experience fast, flicker-free gameplay where speed, comfort, and control are important factors for success. With Motion Blur Reduction 2.0, the blurring effects and associated eye fatigue are dramatically reduced, while BenQ's unique Low Blue Light modes enable the monitors to successfully manage the exposure of emitted blue spectrum light, resulting in more comfortable viewing. With the newly improved Black eQualizer 2.0, the monitors are able to detect the input source and automatically adjust the amount of brightness in the game within the range selected by the user. The displays’ gaming refresh rate optimization management (GROM) systems give gamers the freedom to custom-build their personal gaming experiences according to viewing preferences such as refresh rates (100/120/144Hz), resolutions, and screen sizes. More information on BenQ’s full line of gaming monitors is available at