Wireless Full HD 1080p Wireless Connection Kit

The BenQ Wireless Full HD Kit

Wireless HD video Kit WDP01 is designed to add wireless HDMI functionality to BenQ Home Theater projectors series providing fast and easy wireless projection.

Cable-free connection for maximum convenience

New-Generation Wireless Full HD Kit Designed to give you the freedom and convenience you deserve

The next-generation BenQ WDP01 Full HD Wireless Kit will free you and your projector from wiring and placement constraints, providing you with the ability create a neat, clean install with no expensive cables to string around the room. Available as an optional accessory, this powerful kit enables the projector to wirelessly stream full, uncompressed 1080p HD content for a distance of up to 100 ft. Kick back, relax and enjoy your favorite movies, games and sporting events with the convenience of wireless HD projection.

Setup is quick and easy, requiring a simple one-time setup of only a few steps. Once setup, the transmitter and receiver will automatically pair each time the projector is powered on. For a clean install, the receiver can be mounted to the projector. For extra added convenience, the receiver can be powered by the USB port on the projector. It just doesn’t get any easier than this!

Unparalleled wireless transmission technology

Delivers wired equivalent Full HD 1080p video quality with zero latency over distances of up to 100 ft.* using line of sight transmission. Four built-in antennas ensure the best streaming quality through walls and cabinet doors. You can finally enjoy playing your favorite video game or watching your favorite TV show or movie in the room of your choice.

*Transmission range based on optimum line-of-sight conditions. Distance may vary depending on location and building construction materials. Structures constructed of steel, wood, concrete, or brick may decrease transmission distance.

‧Zero Interference

DFS Anti-Interference Performance. Built-in Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) technology automatically switches between channels when signal interference is encountered, ensuring stable Full-HD streaming.

Setting up the receiver (Rx)

Please follow the instructions below to setup the receiver (Rx) on the following BenQ projector models: HT1075, HT1085ST, W1070, W1080ST and W7500. Please consult your user’s manual for models not listed above.

1. Attach one side of the L-type mounting holder to the tripod hole on the bottom of the Receiver (Rx) using the supplied hardware.

2. Fix the other side of the L-type mounting holder to the bottom of projector by using supplied hardware.

3. Connect one end of supplied USB cable to the mini USB jack of the Receiver (Rx) and the other end to the USB type A jack of the projector. Connect the supplied HDMI cable to the HDMI out jack on the Receiver (Rx) and the HDMI input on the projector.

Setting up the transmitter (Tx)

1. Up to two HDMI audio/video devices can be connected to the Transmitter (Tx).
2. Connect the power adapter to the Transmitter (Tx).
3. If necessary, a local TV or display can be connected to the Transmitter (Tx) via the loo-through HDMI OUT connector.

Setting up the IR blaster cable

1. The purpose of setting up the IR blaster cable is to control source devices when the Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) are located in different rooms.
2. Connect one end of the IR blaster cable to the IR OUT jack of the Transmitter (Tx).
3. Stick the IR sensor end of the IR blaster cable near the IR sensor of your high-definition audio/video device.
4. Power on the projector with Rx and Tx respectively, press IR button on the remote control to search a good position of IR response**.

** The IR sensor supports remote control signal protocol of NEC, RC5, and RC6 between 36 KHz ~ 56 KHz. Therefore, it is possible that some devices may not be supported