Wireless Full HD 1080p Wireless Connection Kit

Wireless Operating Frequencies‎ 4.9~ 5.9GHz (Include non-DFS and DFS Frequency Bands)‎
Antenna‎ High performance internal antennas x 4‎
System Latency‎ <1ms‎
Transmission Distance‎ The maximum video transmission range is 30 meters (100 feet)* Line of sight (LOS) scenarios (The minimum range is 2 meters)‎
Audio Bit Rate Support‎ Up to 6 Mbps audio stream:
Support AC3 and DTS
2 Channel PCM : 16~24 bits audio sample with 32~96KHz sampling rate‎
Power Supply‎ 100~ 240V AC in, 5V 2A DC out Power Adaptor‎
Operating Temperature‎ 0°~40°C‎
Package Contents‎ Color Carton
WHDI Tramsmitter / Receiver
Remote Control (w/ Battery x 2) x 1
IR Blaster Cable x 1
Mounting holder x 2
Anchor x 2 (one for fixing Rx bottom case, one for fixing projector bottom case)
Velcro x 1
Mini USB Cable (1‎
A/V‎ HDMI Input x 2
HDMI Output x 2‎
IR Control‎ IR Sensor: Yes
IR Blaster Extender: Yes (2.5mm Jack)
IR Sensor Extender: N/A‎
Switches‎ Power: Yes
Source: Yes‎
LEDs‎ Power x1 (Red/Blue)
Source x2 (Blue)
Signal Status: N/A‎
Power‎ Input: 5V DC Jack‎
Dimensions (mm³)‎ 182(W) x 96.5(L) x 31.5(H)‎
A/V‎ HDMI Input: N/A
HDMI Output: N/A‎
IR Control‎ IR Sensor: Yes
IR Blaster Extender: N/A
IR Sensor Extender: Yes‎
Switches‎ Power: Yes
Source: Yes
LEDs‎ Power X1 (Red/Blue)
Source X2 (Blue)
Signal Status: OSD displayed‎
Power‎ Input: 5V mini USB‎
Dimensions (mm³)‎ 95(W) x 95(L) x 31.5(H) mm‎