BenQ DH550Z/DL550Z Digital Signage

Dual sided displays tell both sides of your story

BenQ flag style dual sided Digital Signage solutions are lightweight and easy to install, the customizable, skinnable displays are designed to be securely bolted to walls, requiring only minimal configuration for deployment.

BenQ Dual Sided Digital Signage DL/DH550Z

Less than 2” Profile Thickness

BenQ dual sided displays feature two back-to-back, fully independent commercial grade LCD panels with a profile thickness of less than 2 inches, enabling the ability to display the same or different images on each side.

24/7 Operation

BenQ D Series displays are designed and built for always-on applications like yours, using commercial-grade LCD panels designed for 24/7/365 reliability. BenQ displays provide years of dependable, maintenance-free operation, even under some of the most challenging environments


178°/178° wide-viewing angles

MVA technology enables a symmetrical viewing angle of 178° from all directions. Providing a vivid, high-quality image that can be viewed from every standpoint for maximum exposure.

BenQ Dual Sided Digital Signage DL/DH550Z

Optimized for portrait and landscape mode

BenQ displays can be installed horizontally or vertically to match the content or application. Engineered to provide even panel support, BenQ displays are not affected by uneven image distortion "mura" commonly seen in vertically oriented in consumer TV panels.