Power Consumption‎ 1.5-Watts.‎
Power supply‎ USB bus powered. 300mA/5V‎
Line Out (Audio Out, 3.5mm)‎
Total harmonic distortion +Noise‎ <0.0017%@440Hz , 0dB‎
Signal to noise ratio (SNR)‎ <-110dB@440Hz , 0dB‎
Frequency response‎ 20-20kHz‎
Line-out impedance‎ 1k ohm ~ 10k ohm‎
Headphone Out‎
Headphone Output Power‎ @32Ω250mW @250Ω30mW‎
Total harmonic distortion +Noise‎ <0.002%@ 440Hz,-4dB‎
Signal to noise ratio (SNR)‎ <-100dB@ 440Hz, 0db‎
Frequency response‎ 20-20kHz‎
Headphone impedance‎ 16 ohm ~ 250 ohm‎
Native bit rate‎ 44.1, 48, 96 kHz‎
Recording Maximum sampling rate‎ 48kHz/16bit.‎
Playback Maximum sampling rate‎ 96 kHz/24bit.‎
Output‎ Line-out(3.5mm)、Headphone-out(3.5mm)‎
Input‎ USB(B Type)、Microphone(3.5mm)‎