BenQ i500 Wireless LED Internet Portable Projector

Epic Entertainment for Urban Lifestyles

Youthful modern lifestyles are all about upward mobility, engaging entertainment, and instant gratification. For trendsetters who enjoy online entertainment, BenQ i500 is a brand new way to wirelessly stream larger-than-life images in limited spaces, all without the hassle of connecting cables, media boxes, dongles, or portable devices. A simple device that combines onboard wireless streaming apps, rich integrated audio, and short-throw LED projection, i500 delivers instant big-screen entertainment in tight urban settings in ways never before imaginable.

key features

  • Access to Streaming Content with Built-in Apps
  • Hassle-Free Wireless Streaming
  • Short Throw Projection
  • Brilliant Long-Life LED Light Source
  • As A Powerful Bluetooth Speaker when Standby
  • Software Upgrade by Internet (OTA)