Laser Short Throw Education Projectors LX810STD

BenQ's BlueCore Light Engine: A Smarter Alternative to Traditional Lamps

The BenQ LX810STD is equipped with BlueCore, a light engine that utilizes the unparalleled qualities of a laser light source to achieve optimized energy efficiency, projection performance and readiness. It also incorporates the BlueCore-enhanced SmartEcoTM technology to further reduce light source power consumption by up to 70% for a significantly lowered total cost of projector maintenance and ownership. Free of mercury, the BenQ LX810STD is a safer, smarter and environmentally friendly choice for your school. Advanced BlueCore SmartEco Technology is the economical choice for any educational environment.

Superior Projection Performance

BlueCore Laser for Pure Color

To harness the high output of its powerful laser light source, BenQ utilizes dual color wheels for BlueCore Laser Projectors to achieve pure RGBY colors by eliminating the white segment of a conventional color wheel. Through an ideal mixture of the red, green, blue and yellow color segments, BenQ Laser Projectors produce brilliant hues and a wider color gamut than conventional lamp-based projectors. Balanced RGBY optimization makes high color projection more efficient and results in pure white and brightness that is ideal for presentations. Innovative color wheel and RGBY technologies deliver an unconventionally realistic picture that will engage students.


High Brightness

With a high brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens, the LX810STD can deliver clearer and sharper images and text, even in large-sized classrooms with some ambient light. Overcome the annoyances of light pollution in a busy classroom environment with an incredibly bright projector.

Zero Disruptions with Short-Throw Projection

Say goodbye to the shadows that often interrupt your presentation. With a projection distance this close, you and your audience can move freely without worrying about obstructions between the projector and the screen. And the short-throw projection distance keeps the projector light from shining directly into your eyes, allowing you to keep your focus on your audience.


Non Short-Throw



Optimizing Educational Investment with Low TCO

20000 Hours of Optimal Brightness and Reliable Performances

The BlueCore light engine, powered by a laser light source, provides users with up to 20,000 hours of light source life. The LX810STD offers an incredibly reliable performance with no sudden decrease in brightness. Keep engagement levels of your students and customers high, but costs low, with the LX810STD's long-lasting technology.

BenQ feature

Advanced Dust-Proof Engine

Severely dusty environments can damage sensitive electronics. To minimize service costs and prevent downtime, the LX810STD features a sealed optical engine designed to protect key components of the light path. The LX810STD comes with thoughtful engineering designed to protect important internal elements in a busy school environment.

Power Smart with BlueCore and SmartEco Technology

Driven by BenQ's latest BlueCore Light Engine, the all-new SmartEco technology optimizes the core element of the projector – the projector light source system – to save up to 70% in light source power consumption. For schools that are looking for ways to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO), SmartEco certainly helps to reduce energy costs and extend the light source life. SmartEco Technology saves money for schools with intuitive engineering.

SmartEco Mode

The SmartEco Mode automatically determines the optimal brightness depending on the input source. This special mode cleverly adjusts the light source power to maximize power saving – delivering superior contrast and brightness performance at the same time. Experience hassle-free energy-saving and keep costs low in your classroom.


No Source Detected Mode

SmartEco activates the Eco Blank Mode after the projector has remained unconnected to a display source, such as a classroom PC or notebook, for three minutes, automatically lowering the projector brightness to 30%. This is to avoid keeping a projector from running with full lighting power, allowing the projector light source to rest whenever possible. Hence, the projector light source lasts longer. Intelligent technology automatically reduces brightness when you're not using it and extends the use of your LX810STD, making it ideal for periodic use within a classroom.

EcoBlank Mode

The Eco Blank Mode allows teachers to blank the projection screen when the projector is not in use. Blanking the projection screen also allows teachers to direct their students' focus back on them. Press the "Eco Blank Mode" button on the keypad or the "Blank" button on the remote control to activate this feature and watch as the projector dims the light source power automatically, lowering the total light source power consumption by up to 70%. Saving energy is only a button click away with the LX810STD's easy screen blanking feature, so you can reduce costs in your classroom.


In Full Power Mode, the light source is at 100%. Students will pay attention to the projector screen.


In Eco Blank Mode, the light source is at its lowest at 10%. Students will pay attention to the class instructor.

Auto Power Off

If the projector is found to be without a display source after 30 minutes, the system will automatically turn off the projector, eliminating unnecessary energy waste and prolonging the life of the projector. You have a lot of things to remember when you're running a classroom, fortunately, the LX810STD takes care of powering down so you have one less thing to worry about.

Ease of Use

LAN Control

Designed to help IT managers perform day-to-day projector maintenance efficiently, LAN Control provides full access and control over networked projectors directly from IT workstations. The interface offers seamless support for Crestron, RoomView and PJ-Link LAN control systems. With the integrated technology offered by the LX810STD, you can easily manage multiple projectors at once, facilitating the process of maintaining screens across several rooms or a number of different screens within your school.


20W Speaker Power and Microphone Input Support

The LX810STD comes with enhanced audio support for your classroom. Two 10W speakers are sealed and secured within each side of the projector with BenQ's anti-shake design to deliver crisp, clear 20W audio performance with stable projection. The microphone input connects the projector to a conventional microphone or microphone headset for increased ease of teaching and learning. Keep students engaged with the state-of-the-art audio technology offered by the LX810STD.

Instant On and Off

BenQ BlueCore education projectors can be turned on and off instantly, unlike other lamp-based projectors, which significantly reduces setup time. Experience the hassle-free setup of the LX810STD's incredibly responsive technology, which saves you valuable time when you're dealing with impatient students.

BenQ feature

1.5A USB Type-A Power Supply

Users can charge their mobile devices through a 1.5A USB Type-A power supply. so you don't need to worry about your mobile device running out of battery while streaming your content.

BenQ DLP ® Projectors Offer Perfectly Long Lasting Picture Quality with DLP Projection Technology

Digital Light Processing (DLP), awarded 2015 Academy Award of Merit, is the leading projection technology used in 90% of the world's digital cinemas and 100% of IMAX theaters. With DLP dominating the projector market with over 50% share, BenQ is the No. 1 best-selling DLP projector brand today, delivering unmatched world-class performance. BenQ knows you want nothing but the best when you're running a hectic classroom, so it has the latest DLP technology you need to do it all.


The incredibly durable micromirrors of the DLP chip and the nearly-sealed DLP engine design mean that BenQ DLP Projectors stand the test of time without any loss in picture quality. Eliminating dust buildup and heat damage, The LX810STD projector shines year after year and looks as good as new with without the need to ever change a lamp.

BenQ DLP Projector


Non-DLP Projector



Critically acclaimed for industry-leading high contrast, BenQ DLP Projectors also produce crisply-defined sharpness for crystal-clear details and legible text by maximizing the fill ratio of individual pixels and employing exclusive BenQ SmartEco™ Technology. Provide a crisp, professional-looking image with the LX810STD every time you turn it on, so you can consistently impress students.