BenQ MW705 Business Projector

Powerfully Bright and Whisper Quiet

Fan noise on conventional high-brightness projectors can be loud. The MW705 was designed to operate at whisper quiet noise levels. Even at its bright 4000 lumens level, the MW705 measures only 31dB. Virtually silent and super brilliant, your presentation will command your audience’s full attention with no distracting fan noise.

Easy QCast Wireless Streaming

The MW705 features a convenient integrated docking port to house the optional BenQ QCast wireless streaming dongle, providing seamless wireless integration for easy, effective, cable-free presentations. All-new one-touch controls for EcoBlank and QCast wireless streaming on both, the remote and projector keypad make it easy to pause presentations by blanking the screen or to quickly launch QCast wireless Full HD 1080p streaming.


High Contrast

A high contrast ratio ensures that text, images, graphs, charts and videos are projected with optimal clarity and enhanced sharpness, especially for numerical data. The MW705 is intended for demanding presenters who want their content to be clearly seen by every person in the audience.


Low Contrast


High Contrast

2D Keystone Geometric Correction

2D keystone correction provides installation flexibility by correcting the trapezoid effect via horizontal and vertical adjustments up to ±30 degrees. With it, the projector can be placed off center, allowing the presenter to stand in front of the screen without blocking the image. The projector can also be placed anywhere on a u-shaped tabletop without moving the table or putting a stand in the center.


Corner Fit Geometric Correction

Corner fit Geometric Correction is a flexible and convenient way to align the picture perfectly on the screen by independently adjusting each corner of an image.

MHL Connectivity

With MHL, you can use an Android smartphone or tablet to deliver presentations, business proposals and other content to instantly share your ideas. Turn small screen into big screen by mirroring documents, photos, videos and any other content in your smart device on the projection screen. Once connected, the smart device will be charged by the projector so it will never run out of battery power while presenting.


Eco Blank Mode

The Eco Blank feature allows users to blank or mute the projected image on the screen, affording privacy to search for files or documents while the desktop is not projected to the entire audience. When activated, Eco Blank automatically dims lamp power, therefore lowering total power consumption by up to 70%.

BenQ MS524 DLP 3D Projector

Full Power On
100% Lamp Power
Attention on the Projection Screen

BenQ MS524 DLP 3D Projector

Eco Blank Mode On
30% Lamp Power at the Lowest
Attention on the Class Instructor

SmartEco™ Mode

SmartEco mode is designed to use only the exact amount of lamp power a projector needs to deliver the best contrast and brightness performance. This feature enables the MW705 to deliver uncompromised projection quality with the added benefit of reduced the total cost of ownership by greatly extending lamp life and lowering power consumption.

BenQ MS524 DLP 3D Projector

Normal Mode
350W Projector Power Consumption
by Average

BenQ MS524 DLP 3D Projector

SmartEco Mode
Enhanced Details in Darkened Scenes
261W Projector Power Consumption
by Average

(Source: 2010 Philips white paper)

No Source Detected Mode

There will be times when a projector is turned on without a display source, such as a notebook or classroom PC connected. To avoid having a projector running at full lamp power, BenQ created the No Source Detected feature, which lowers the projector’s lamp brightness to 30 % after the projector has remained unconnected to a display source for more than three minutes.


Source Detected
100% Lamp Power


No Source Detected
30% Lamp Power

0.5W in Standby Mode

When inactive, the MW705 keeps power consumption to a minimum, using <0.5W power while in standby mode, achieving a level of energy savings that was once considered unattainable by older projector generations, effectively reducing the total cost of ownership.

Less than 6W in Network Standby Mode

When connected to a LAN, the MW705 consumes less than 6W power to stay connected and accessible via the network, even after it has been powered off. IT personnel can retain full control over the projector and are able to schedule maintenance operations.

Dual-Axis Tilt Adjustment

The all-new MX705 includes dual leveling feet to help perfectly align the projector to the screen. Twice as effective as a single foot, the two adjustable levelling feet provide a simple way to set the projector up on a tabletop and start the meeting.


Supports Various 3D Formats

The MW705 is standard-equipped with DLP Link™-supported 3D projection to offer you the same amazing 3D effects seen in 3D movies. The 3D formats supported by the MW705 are 3D field-sequential, 3D frame packing, 3D top-and-bottom and 3D side-by-side. Furthermore, this incredible projector can be connected to a Blu-ray DVD player for even more stunning visual quality.


Closed Captioning

Display subtitles in video content without the need for an external closed-captioning device with the MW705.

Writing Templates

No matter the task at hand, BenQ makes presentations easier and the MW705 is no exception. Built-into the projector, there is a selection of three different line patterns, emulating the look of notebook paper to help make writing ad hock notes on whiteboards and blackboards a snap.


BenQ Projectors, Featuring Award Winning DLP® Technology

Digital Light Processing (DLP), awarded 2015 Academy Award of Merit (Oscar® statuette), is the leading projection technology used in 90% of world’s digital cinemas and 100% of IMAX theaters. With DLP dominating the worldwide projector market with over 50% share, BenQ has emerged as the worldwide leading manufacturer of DLP projectors, delivering projectors of unmatched performance, quality and features.

Colorific™ Technology Delivers Lifelike Color, Year After Year

BenQ uses Colorific technology to optimize images for specific color balance effects for diverse applications such as presentations, movies and spreadsheets and photographs. Every BenQ Colorific projector generates more than one billion colors by combining up to seven different colors to create vibrant, true to life images. You'll also experience dramatic contrasts for remarkable clarity, higher impact, and greater legibility. BenQ's Colorific projectors are dependable year after year. You can rely on the colors to remain the same from day one to a decade later--without the risk of fading, ghosted images, or yellowing.

Accurate. Over 1 billion colors - compared to 16.7 million from many LCD projectors
Crisp. Bright, high contrast picture - 3x more contrast than similar top-selling LCD models
Long-Lasting. Consistent quality - image is the same now and years from now

BenQ DLP Projector


Non-DLP Projector


Vibrant True-to-Life Colors

DLP technology produces images with remarkable native contrast, using their vast projector design and manufacturing experience, BenQ Engineers deliver DLP Projectors with exclusive features such as SmartEco technology that reproduce images with sharp, crystal clear, easy to read text with rich shadow details and vibrant, accurate colors.